Toronto Artistic Orchid Association

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Concerned About Continued  Spreading the COVID-19
Toronto Artistic Orchid Associaiton
Has Decided not to hold  the 2021 Orchid Show

Due to the continuation of the  Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)  and in order to protect the health and safety of the poeple in Ontario and all the participants coming to attend our Orchid Show, Toronto Artisitic Orchid Associaition has reluctlantly  decided not to hold the  2021 Orchid Show.

We deeply apologize for making this inevitable decision.  Thank you for all  the  support given to us  over the years and we look forward to see you all  in the future.

Tenny Chan
Toronto Artistic Orchid Association

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TAOA Members Meeting:

Due to the continuation of the COVID-19 and to follow the orders of the Government, TAOA has decided not to  hold any Bi-monthly Member Meeting until further notice. 

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Orchid Show 2021

TAOA has decided not to hold its  Annual Orchid Show  in the year 2021.